Intubation Intubation is a crucial skill for emergency medical professionals as it allows for the maintenance of airway patency in critically ill or injured patients. Emergency intubation is often required in situations where the patient is unable to breathe independently or has significant respiratory distress. It is a complex procedure that requires extensive training, experience,

ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer The Fluke Biomedical ESA 615 Electrical Safety Analyzer is an essential tool for medical device service professionals. With its wide range of capabilities, the ESA 615 can quickly and accurately test the safety of medical devices. Features and Applications It is a high-powered electrical safety analyser. Accurately measure insulation resistance, ground

 Medical Gas Pipeline System in Healthcare Facility Medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS) are used to distribute medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air throughout a healthcare facility. These systems are critical to the safe and efficient delivery of these gases to patients and medical equipment. Medical Gas Pipeline Systems Training On-site

 Medical Gas Audit Leakage Testing and Gas Verification Medical gas audit leakage testing and gas verification is a process used to ensure that medical gases (such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air) are being delivered safely and reliably to patients in healthcare facilities. During the medical gas audit & testing process, the technician