Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Be assured on quality and certifications

Medical Equipment Manufacturers need to abide by the relevant standards, which encompass international standards like IEC for electrical safety & product performance and product certifications like CE & US FDA. This necessitates both- design verifications and stringent testing during manufacturing of medical devices. The increased competition means that there is an urgent need to reduce product development cycle including certifications. The continuous monitoring of quality with stringent quality control is also necessary once a product is launched.
Helix offers test equipment to Medical Equipment Manufacturers that can be used to test their equipment according to the relevant standard during designing stage and test equipment that can be used to verify that the parameters of their finished product are as per the regulatory requirements. This enables the Medical Device Manufacturers to be confident when going for accreditation for their products.
These test equipment are known for their reliable reading over a long period is also used by the Medical Equipment Manufacturers for servicing and maintenance of their products. This makes it easier for them to compare the performance of their products over time as the same test equipment have been used since their designing stage.
Worldwide, the leaders in medical devices rely on Fluke products. Many major OEMs use specific Fluke models to complete their PM procedures since their service procedures are written based on Fluke products.