Biomedical Testing and Calibration Equipment

Helix has partnered with the world's leading biomedical test equipment manufacturers to cater to the medical fraternity for enhancing patient safety and improving patient outcomes.

Fluke Biomedical Test Devices

The full line of medical test equipment by Fluke Biomedical is fully-integrated and automated performance testing and documentation systems - designed to help you ensure staff and patient safety.

IBP Dialysis Reference Meters

IBP Dialysis reference meters give readings with high accuracy and reliability - whether it is for taking conductivity, temperature and pressure or PH readings. For High accuracy conductivity measurement - IBP dialysis reference meters offer brand name selectable temperature compensation coefficients for different dialysis machines and water treatment systems.

Whaleteq ECG and EEG Test Solution

The WhaleTeq ECG test solution is a comprehensive tool designed specifically for the industry and R&D testing. We strive to provide the intelligent solution of combining a single channel test system, multichannel test system, and common mode rejection ratio test, our ECG test solution puts the completed testing and verification tool in your hands.

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories

Acertara is driven by an experienced team of medical imaging, product development, acoustic testing, probe repair, and regulatory professionals focused on providing our clients with the finest possible diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound related products and services.

Enmet Medical Gas Detection Solutions

ENMET offers a wide range of products designed to meet medical air systems requirements in hospitals and medical facilities. These products include medical verification instrumentation, compressed airline monitors, single and multi-gas detectors along with ambient air oxygen monitors used in MRI rooms and other areas in the facility to monitor oxygen levels. Many of these medical air monitoring systems are designed to ensure compliance with NFPA 99 Medical Air Systems Guidelines and OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air.