Oxy Pro

  • Oxy Pro is an Oxygen Concentrator Tester developed by Helix
  • Just connect the outlet of your Oxygen Concentrator to the inlet of Oxy Pro and know the O2 purity and flow provided
  • It is designed to check the performance of any Oxygen Concentrator manufactured across the world for its O2 purity and flow delivery
  • With this handy device one can know how well their Oxygen Concentrator is functioning
  • It eliminates the need to wait for professionals and service technicians to know how well your Oxygen Concentrator is functioning
  • Its ease of use enables anyone to use it for testing Oxygen Concentrators

Key Features

  • Oxy Pro is a hand-held compact Device
  • Permanent Oxygen Sensor, non-consumable
  • Checks the performance of any Oxygen Concentrator in seconds (up to 10 LPM)
  • Rechargeable built-in 9V battery with USB Type B port for easy recharging
  • Push on button for back-light illumination for easy reading of parameters
  • Auto calibration of sensor during every device power on
  • LED colour indicator to know the charge status of built-in rechargeable battery

Technical Specification

Flow Range 1 – 10 LPM, 0.1 LPM Resolution
Oxygen Concentration Range 21 – 95 %, 0.1% Resolution
Flow Accuracy ± 0.2 LPM @ (25 ± 2) °C
Concentration Accuracy ± 1.5 % FS @ (5 – 55) °C
Response Time 0.5 s
Warm-up Time 10 s
Operating Temperature 0 – 50 °C
Operating Humidity Range 5 – 85 % RH
Maximum Pressure 150 kPa
Power Supply (Built-in Battery) 9 V DC, 50 mA
Display Dimension 73.8 X 27.1 mm
Product Dimension 175 X 125 X 45 mm