Medical Gas Pipeline System in Healthcare Facility Medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS) are used to distribute medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air throughout a healthcare facility. These systems are critical to the safe and efficient delivery of these gases to patients and medical equipment. Medical Gas Pipeline Systems Training On-site

 Medical Gas Audit Leakage Testing and Gas Verification Medical gas audit leakage testing and gas verification is a process used to ensure that medical gases (such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air) are being delivered safely and reliably to patients in healthcare facilities. During the medical gas audit & testing process, the technician

Versatile & Efficient Assistants Endoscopes Endoscopes or Endoscopy are versatile medical instruments that doctors use to perform a variety of diagnostic and surgical procedures. The procedures using endoscopes are minimally invasive. The doctors work by viewing the inside of a patient’s body through a thin, flexible tube and the camera at the end. Endoscopes in

Overview As the world begins to wear more and more health-monitoring technology, from fitness trackers to smartwatches, doctors and scientists have begun to look for ways to make such devices more useful. Such devices can be a boon for those who already have health conditions, and a proactive health watch for the interested. India, a

Oxygen concentrators (OCs) Oxygen is essential in the human body, and yet it’s so easy to take for granted. We breathe it in and out without even realizing its full potential. Oxygen is the essential fuel, used to generate energy for cells to function and for metabolism to run smoothly. Oxygen concentrators (OCs) are life-changing

Air Pollutants Air pollution is a growing problem and could have significant impact on the overall health and well-being of many individuals. The air you are breathing every day is not always pure and you may not even realize it until you get affected with health issues-associated due to contaminated air. Polluted air can include

Role of Oxygen in Human Body Oxygen is the heart and soul of the air we breathe. IT is crucial for our bodies, but the amount in our blood doesn’t matter if we don’t have enough of it in every cell. The amount of oxygen we need varies depending on several factors, including our age,