Inspiron Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Product Description

  • Inspiron Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a highly reliable and efficient source for your medical Oxygen requirements
  • It uses a reliable Oxygen delivery mechanism to deliver Oxygen with a purity of 93%
  • It has an inbuilt Oxygen low purity alarm which will go off in case the Oxygen purity level drops below 85%. So, you can be assured that when you breathe Oxygen, it is of the required purity level
  • We at Helix have used our decades of experience in pulmonology care equipment and high-grade testing to develop a world class Oxygen Concentrator for home use and in hospitals
  • Helix is the most reputed brand in Bengaluru when you are looking for the best Oxygen Concentrator
  • Inspiron Oxygen Concentrator is a highly tested and calibrated portable Oxygen Concentrator that can run throughout the day
  • Inspiron is available in 5L, 7L and 10L variants
  • Inspiron 5 (delivers up to 5L of Oxygen per minute) and Inspiron 7 (delivers up to 7L Oxygen per minute) will meet your Oxygen requirements at home, for post illness recovery or for continued use as recommended by your physician
  • Oxygen Therapy is advised as day use and/or night use based on the patients specific Oxygen requirements
  • Inspiron 10 is a model that delivers up to 10L of Oxygen, and is developed for use in Hospitals

Inspiron Prime Series

Key Features

  • Ideal source of Oxygen with a purity of 93% (± 3%)
  • Available in 5 LPM, 7 LPM and 10 LPM variants
  • Increased efficiency with optimal power consumption
  • Built with standard electrical requirements
  • Quite operation with controlled sound vibrations
  • All the controls are easy to read and operate

Quality and Safety Features

  • Complies with Medical Device Directive
  • Filter for dust particles
  • Bacteria filter
  • Thermal switch for high temperature cut off
  • Low purity AV alarm indicator (Optional)
  • Nebulizer output (Optional

Inspiron Prime Variants

  • Innovatively designed with a compact plastic cabinet, mounted on castor wheels for smooth movement
  • Cabinet dimensions ensures that the equipment can be stored easily
  • Rugged body of the product makes it easy for transportation
  • Panel indicators provides necessary information with clarity
  • Immediate indication and alarm if Oxygen output is not as per the desired levels

  • FAQS

    It's an equipment that produces Oxygen out of Air using Electricity.

    It separates Oxygen from Atmospheric Air and discharges out Nitrogen and thereby it produces 93% of Oxygen for Patient use

    PSA uses Sieve beds filled with Zeolite to produce Oxygen. When air is passed through the sieve beds, Zeolite adsorb Nitrogen and allows Oxygen to pass through it which is then collected and stored in Oxygen Reservoir Tank for patient use. Air is supplied to the sieve beds alternatively so that the adsorbed Nitrogen can be released into the atmosphere on one sieve bed, making it ready for use again when the other sieve bed is adsorbing Nitrogen and producing Oxygen. This is done using Time Cycle / Pressure Swing.

    Yes, 93% of Oxygen is sufficient for Patient’s use as per International Standard. But the prescribed flow needs to be set for individual patients as per Doctor’s Prescription. Inspiron Portable Oxygen Concentrators have an inbuilt Low Purity Alarm which goes off when the Oxygen purity falls below 85%.

    It should be used ONLY on Doctor recommendation. Doctor will determine whether a patient requires supplementary Oxygen depending upon the patient’s health condition, age and other factors.

    This is set as per the Advice and Prescription of the doctor. So, an Oxygen Concentrator has to be purchased based upon the flow requirements

    O2 Concentrators with castor wheels are mobile. You can move it around the house with ease but kindly ensure that the power cord is NOT DISCONNECTED while moving. If it is disconnected by mistake, kindly connect it back to the power supply immediately.

    Yes, it can be moved everywhere expect the Kitchen. There are longer length power cords and nasal cannulas which enables the patient to move easily when he/she is using Oxygen Concentrator

    As per your doctor’s advice. Your doctor will decide how long you should use it and when you should stop using it. NEVER stop using the Oxygen Concentrator or change its flow without consulting your doctor.

    Yes, O2 Concentrator can be used in coastal as well as higher altitude places. It will not affect the efficiency of the Oxygen Concentrator but for usage in higher altitude places, kindly consult your doctor to set the flow accordingly as the altitude increases, the available air in the atmosphere decreases.

    NO. O2 Concentrator consumes as much electricity as an average laser printer. So, it will not increase your electricity bill significantly.

    Yes, O2 Concentrator is Service Oriented. Periodic change of Filters is required. Performance and life of the O2 Concentrator depends on the Maintenance of the Equipment.

    i. Clean Main Air Inlet Filters regularly as per manufacturer’s advice
    ii. Change the Compressor Air Inlet Filter every 1000 hours
    iii. Preventive Maintenance Kit for the Compressor is required every 10000 hours

    i. Do not use the concentrator anywhere near the flame
    ii. Do not run the machine without the Main Air Inlet Filters
    iii. Do not keep the machine very close to the wall while running the machine

    Most of the O2 Concentrators in the market have a built-in OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator). Whenever the Oxygen Percentage falls below 85%, it gives an alarm.

    Inspiron is an Indigenously Developed, Made in India Oxygen Concentrator. It has many advantages over other Oxygen Concentrators in the market.
    i. Spares are available off the shelf as it is Indigenously developed
    ii. Service is available locally
    iii. Turn Around Time for delivery once order is placed and for service request is less
    iv. There is no flow meter and flow can be set easily by looking at the LCD display using the regulation knob
    v. Downtime of the equipment will be very low compared to Imported Oxygen Concentrators
    vi. Cost of Ownership will be very less compared to Imported Oxygen Concentrators
    vii. It is available in 5, 7 and 10 LPM variants to suit the needs of the customer

    Inspiron Oxygen Concentrator has many in-built safety features namely:
    i. Low Purity Alarm – It goes off as soon as the Oxygen purity falls below 85%
    ii. Power Failure Alarm – As soon as the power goes off, a long beep is heard to indicate power failure
    iii. Overheat alarm – If the Compressor gets heated too much then the Red LED on the panel will glow and a beep can be heard until the compressor cools down

    Its anywhere between 5 to 6 years depending on its maintenance.

    It does not work when there is a Power Outage.

    Yes, with adequate rating of the UPS and Genset in KVA

    Not more than a month. If the equipment is NOT IN USE, run it for 6 - 8 hours once in a week.