MedAir 2200 Compressed Airline Monitor

MedAir 2200 is a compact, easy to install and operate compressed airline monitor that can continuously and simultaneously monitor up to four gases in real-time using internally mounted sensors. MedAir 2200 is typically configured to monitor hospital compressed air for carbon monoxide, oxygen and dew point. MedAir 2200 is designed to meet OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air, NFPA 99 “Medical Air System Guidelines” and is UL and CSA certified for “Medical Electrical Equipment Safety Requirements” (UL/IEC 60601-1 and CSA 22.2, No. 601-1). MedAir 2200 is ENMET’s most advanced compressed airline monitor for medical air systems, specifically designed for hospital applications.

Product Highlights

  • Monitors oxygen, carbon monoxide and dew point simultaneously
  • Meets Grade D breathing and NFPA 99 requirements
  • Field replaceable sensors

CO-GUARD Compressed Airline Monitor

CO-GUARD is a compact, easy to install and operate compressed airline carbon monoxide monitor that meets OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air. The instrument is specifically designed for trouble-free operation, utilizing an electrochemical carbon monoxide (CO) sensor with a life expectancy of up to three years. The CO-GUARD is supplied with a regulator assembly and five foot sample hose, and is factory pre-calibrated.

Product Highlights :

  • CO-GUARD is designed for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from automotive paint spray operations to wood finishing. This monitor can be used in virtually any commercial or industrial process that requires carbon monoxide monitoring of compressed breathing air for personnel working in such operations.
  • Meets OSHA 1910.134 compressed breathing air monitoring requirements
  • User-friendly interface
  • Continuous carbon monoxide monitor for compressed breathing air
  • Proven electrochemical sensor technology
  • Simple push button operation
  • Easy to install compact design
  • User programmable alarms and high capacity relays
  • Low maintenance field replaceable sensor