Oxygen Concentrator Tester

One of the smallest pieces of medical equipment on the market, the Oxygen Concentrator Tester has a wide variety of uses.

Oxygen Concentrator Tester is a medical device that detects the carbon dioxide concentration in a patient's lungs. As per the International Standard, 93% of Oxygen is sufficient for a Patient’s use.

Why is Oxygen important for us?

Oxygen is vital to living things. It carries essential nutrients to the cells in your body and also helps to regulate its temperature. It’s part of every breath you take, and it’s also critical to most chemical reactions.

A battery-powered oxygen concentrator tester from top healthcare solutions providers such as Helix India can accurately measure carbon dioxide levels in the breath of patients, helping clinicians make better treatment decisions.

Based on a sensor that is the size of a coin, the device captures a carbon dioxide sample and detects its concentration with a miniaturized sensor. In a hospital setting, the tester would be connected to the patient’s ventilator, and the device would continuously measure the patient’s carbon dioxide level.

A physician or nurse can observe the testing results, and compare them with the patient’s carbon dioxide levels to monitor the patient’s response to therapy.

Oxygen concentrator should ONLY be used by Doctor’s recommendation to determine whether the patient is required for supplementary Oxygen based on evaluating the patient’s health condition.

Best Oxygen Tester Devices in Market

With oxygen concentrators on the market that help make breathing easier for people with breathing disorders, it is no surprise that medical professionals are looking for ways to evaluate the quality of the concentrators they sell.

What does an oxygen concentrator do?

The oxygen concentrator tester is a hand-held instrument that measures the oxygen concentration of sample gas. The oxygen concentrator tester operates as a gas analyzer which determines the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in a carbon dioxide mixture and vice versa. The oxygen concentrator tester measures the concentration of oxygen in the test gas using the Jaffe method.


The Oxygen Concentrator Tester uses a small bulb that concentrates oxygen and shows how much oxygen is actually being pumped out of the concentrator. This test is non-invasive and used together with a spirometer. The test can help medical professionals diagnose breathing problems such as asthma, sleep apnea, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Portable Oxygen Device

A portable oxygen device measures the amount of oxygen in the air.

In an oxygen-rich environment, oxygenating masks with one-way valves allow oxygen to flow in but not out. The one-way valves, however, can leak over time.

Portable Oxygen Device Products

  • Inspiron Portable Oxygen Concentrators
  • Inspiron 5
  • Inspiron 7
  • Inspiron 10

There are several companies that manufacture oxygen concentrators, but it turns out, that it’s not as simple as filling the tank with oxygen. While oxygen concentrators are essential to any oxygen supply, they still need periodic testing to ensure they are kicking out 95 per cent oxygen. These companies need to modify their oxygen concentrator testing process to save time and money.

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