NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor

TOF-Cuff NMT monitor

  • New Muscular Relaxation monitoring device during anaesthesia, with an amazingly quick and easy set-up system that reduces start-up time to a few seconds.
  • Its exceptional AUTO-PILOT system enables the anaesthesiologist initiate by simply pressing a button.
  • From induction to reversion will adapt the system modes and pacing intervals completely autonomously without medical intervention.
  • The best way for quickly realizing the substantial improvements that the TOF-Cuff ® Medical Device could provide to your daily assessment of the NMT Level of the anaesthetized patients is.

Explanatory Notes :

  • As it is a non accelerometer-based solution, there is even no need to strap the patient’s hand against the OR table’s armrest
  • As the patient’s arm can rest on the OR table itself, it allows the Surgeon to freely move around the patient’s body at all times, hence dramatically easing –for instance- the “Pelvic Surgery” Procedures.
  • The system keeps track of the last 75 stimulations, and graphically shows the corresponding “T4/T1 Ratio” evolution over time.