The single-channel depth of anaesthesia monitor MGA-06 is the portable device which providing possibility of an estimation of depth of the general anaesthesia and sedation. The device analyzes patient`s EEG in time and frequency domains and defines brain activity index (AI), which reflects patient`s depth of anaesthesia and level of sedation.


  • Anaesthesiology
  • Surgery
  • Resuscitation science
  • Intensive care during postoperative period
  • Treatment sedation

Main Parameters

AI - Brain activity index Indicates patient's depth of anesthesia and sedation level.
Depth of anesthesia evaluation is based on analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG).
Algorithm of EEG analysis keeps information about typical signs of influence of different groups of anesthetics - types of EEG suppression
SR - EEG signal suppresion rate Reflects the suppression of EEG activity and determines level of the further deepening of anesthesia
SQI - EEG signal quality index Indicates the influence of impedance of cable electrodes, artifacts, high-frequency noise, power mains disturbances and decreases linearly from 100% to 0%
EMG - Electromyographic component level Electrical activity of facial muscles

Features and Advantages

Universality Operates with inhalation and intravenous anaesthetics
Low cost in operation Kit from 3 typical ECG-electrodes is used for measurement
Simplicity and safety for patient 3 ECG-electrodes are placed on the fronto-temporal lobes of the patient
Efficient Using the device allows:
reduce the consumption of anaesthetics, as well reduce the awakening from anaesthesia time by 35-50%;
stably maintain the required depth of sedation (according to statistics, without AI-control more than 69% of patients have insufficient or excessive depth of sedation);
Mostly eliminate the risk of anaesthesia awareness.

Technical Specification

Patient age groups Adults, children 10 years old and older
Display 4.3" color, touch screen
Measurement method Data processing of one electroencephalogram lead
Power supply Built-in battery 2 hours of operation
100–250 V, 50/60 Hz
Scheme of applying of electrodes Derivation points F7-FZ
F8-FZ (a frontotemporal part)
Displaying of registered parameters Digital Graphic
Displaying of digital parameters Brain activity index (AI)
Signal suppression rate (SR)
Signal quality index (SQI)
Electromyographic component level (EMG)
Impedance of electrodes (Z1-Z3)
Low level of alarm on AI
High level of alarm on AI
Alarms Visual and sound alarm system
High AI
Low AI
Technical alarms: electrode is disconnected, HF noise, power line disturbances, multiple artifacts, low battery
Trends 24 hours of graphical trends
Mount Universal mounting on a horizontal surface, in vertical and horizontal planes

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