Helix - Medical Gas Pipeline System

Helix offers a medical gas pipeline system along with a complete range of accesories for the piped gas distribution of oxygen and other essential gases in the hospital. We promote complete solutions with a no frills policy , providing time tested devices which are cost effective.We have successfully set up medical gas pipeline systems over the last 20 years in many major hospitals and medical institutes. Our thrust is on quality in the materials we use- pipes as well as accessories.We support our customers with efficient after sales service and maintenance.

Medical gas pipeline systems Pipeline systems for compressed medical gases & vacuum

Any good Medical Gas Pipeline System should ensure with the following :

Needless to say, the design and installation will impact the function and performance of the Medical Gas Pipeline system, so it is of paramount importance that this is conducted at the highest quality standards. The complete responsibility involves design, installation operational guidelines and also verification of the installation. This may some times be done by one single agency or different agencies depending on the capability and specialization of the agency. It is normal to follow the rules laid out in the country and follow standards as recommended by these rules. Through the world, the ISO 7396 if the most popular standards which is followed in most countries for the design, installation and verification of piped medical gases and also anesthesia scavenging systems. The HTM 2022 & NFPA standards are the next popular standards which are also followed in some countries. (Source ISO 7396)